With fall rearing around the corner, it’s becoming more and more apparent for us to start thinking about the adjustments our skincare routines will be needing. Every season, it’s normal for our routines to need a few small tweaks in order to keep our glow at its best.


Below are a few important reminders to consider before we officially head into the chillier days:



As temperatures drop, so does the humidity both inside and outside of our homes. Therefore, our skin loses moisture daily. Swapping your gel-like cleansers for something a little more hydrating––such as lotions and creams––will not only protect your skin’s gentle barrier, but will avoid stripping your face of the hydration it desperately needs.



Just as you would with your cleanser, it may be a good idea to swap your moisturizer for something thicker, especially at night (where your skin does the most reparation!). A richer moisturizer will not only soothe your post-summer skin, but also reinforce that barrier that protects you from dry, flaking skin.

Keep in mind that because your skin will try to compensate for the lack of hydration with excess sebum production (hello, clogged pores!), dry skin becomes prone to breakouts AND premature aging. Incorporating a humidifier into your bedroom is also a popular recommendation for those who struggle with dry skin in the winter.



One thing that will never change is your sunscreen application. Granted, you may not need an SPF 60 every time you step outside (since it is a fact that UV radiation is greater during the summertime). However, sun damage is still present throughout all four seasons and an SPF of at least 30 should be used at all times.



Following the summer season, our skin has taken a bit of a beating. It is important in the fall to avoid chemical over-exfoliation from acids or retinoids. This can create tiny cracks in the skin barrier that lead to more loss of hydration and inflammation. It’s also a good time to incorporate masks and gentler ingredients like Hylauronic Acid as well as Vitamin C. This will help soothe your skin, fade hyperpigmentation and restore plumpness.



Fall is a great time to incorporate some more TLC into your life. To ease your skin’s transition into a new season, it’s a great time to schedule a professional facial. A facial will stimulate circulation and collagen production, flush excess water and toxins, moisturize, balance, and enhance your skin’s natural texture––a perfect way to start a new season. 


While you’re at it: it’s also a great time to clean out your expired skincare products as well as disinfect your makeup brushes and tools, where bacteria can accumulate and cause unwanted breakouts.


Unsure what your skin needs this season? Don’t hesitate to book your virtual consultation with us so we can go over your current skincare routine and adapt it perfectly to your needs.


On that note...take care of the skin you're in!


The BSE team

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