Epigenetics and Skincare



Epigenetics is the study of the changes in our genes caused by modification of gene expression rather than alteration of the genetic code itself. You may be surprised to know how much our epigenetics (and the exterior factors that affect our genes) impact the quality of our skin’s health.


Our skin’s quality is ever-changing throughout our entire life. Most existing skincare products contain active ingredients which target one or more skin factors, such as anti-oxidation or photoaging––we call this epigenetically targeting.




While most professional skincare products are specifically designed to help us reverse the negative effects of extrinsic factors, we are also discovering that lifestyle choices—both healthy and otherwise—have an even greater epigenetic effect. In other words, our lifestyles affect our DNA, and by consequence…our skin!





Dr. Charlene DeHaven, a specialist in anti-aging medicine and clinical director of iS Clinical, explains the correlation between epigenetics and our skincare. “DNA tells our skin cells how to act, but our skin also “talks back” to DNA, telling it when to turn genes on or off over time”, she says. Extrinsic aging and even skin cancer development are directed via genetic signals.


Because the use of skin care products (such as sunscreen) sends “messages” that tell our skin cells how to “act” (to reduce the risk of skin cancer, for example), it makes sense that scientists have begun pouring over how other products can also make DNA changes. “New techniques in lab measurements of gene function have now made it possible to test specific products and determine just how they might affect our genes”, DeHaven adds. 






This is where professional products steal the show. If skincare products affect our genes’ behavior––instructing them to do everything from preventing aging and increasing hydration to boosting immunity, collagen, and elastin––wouldn’t you want them to be of the highest quality?


Scientifically researched, carefully chosen skincare products are not only better for the skin on all levels, but they’re especially more effective at what they’re meant to do. Whether it be slowing down aging genes and protecting the reversal of healthy skin cells, professional skincare can maintain the skin’s DNA at a more youthful level.


We would be remiss if we didn’t use this as an opportunity to remind you to always make sure you are buying your professional skincare from authorized retailers, such as ourselves. It makes all the difference…all the way down to the genes!


Until next time, take care of the skin you are in!


The BSE Team


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